What I do

I’m Gorka Gorospe, birdwatcher, ornithologist, environmental interpreter and wildlife artist. Since I was a kid I have had a big passion for birds and nature, and today, it defines my lifestyle.

The human being is just another element in the complex ecological system in this planet, but most of the times it behaves as a completely independent entity. With my work I try to create awareness in people and sensibilize them, while promoting positive attitudes and respect towards the environment.

At the moment, I am working on scientific bird surveys, on creating envinromental education materials, and on nature illustrations, while working as a bird guide and nature tourism advisor.

Al vuelo

Choose the Less Rare

A lot of birdwatchers complain about the difficulty of watching some bird species and they don’t hide the envy they have for those who get to see them. The secret is to spend hours and hours in the field, the more the better… sooner or later you will be pleasantly surprised! Practice and experience will improve your skills to be better at detecting and identifying different species.