Sensibilizing people regarding our environment is a key elment of fostering positive attitudes. In my work as a guide and nature blogger, I do my best to make people consciuos of the value of nature. I also do this through the creating of interpretative materials.

I worked at Orgi Oakwood Nature Recreational Area for 13 years, where I created several educational materials that helped inform and sensibilize people. I also conducted guided tours and facilitated spontanous informative visits of the park, among others.

I have also collaborated with several organizations in the area, such as the Itsas Enara Ornithological Society, the Aranzadi Nature Sciences Society, Gestión Ambiental de Navarra, the Plazaola Tourism Board, the Basaburua District Council and the Esquiroz Town Council, among others.

You can see a collection of samples of the materials I have created in my gallery.